Non Alcoholic


Cloudy Apple$4.50


Apple No-jito$10
Apple juice | Lime and mint mixed with sugar | soda and crushed ice

Strawberry Ginger fizz$10
A combination of strawberry | Apple juice | Fresh lime and ginger ale

Virgin Colada$10
Pineapple juice | Coconut milk | Cordial

Pineapple Cobler$10
Pineapple juice | Strawberry | Lemonade | Lime

Soft Drink

Coke$3 | $5
Coke zero$3 | $5
Dry ginger ale$3 | $5
Ginger beer$3 | $5
Lemonade$3 | $5
Raspberry$3 | $5
Soda water$3 | $5
Soda Lime and bitters$3 | $5
Lemon Lime and bitters$3 | $5
Tonic Water$3 | $5


Sparkling water$4.50

Mineral water$4.50

per person


Flat white$5.50
Chai Latte$5.50

Extra Shot$0.50

Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso$7


Earl Grey$4
Lemongrass and Ginger$4
Green tea $4
English breakfast$4

Lemon iced tea$4.50

Hot chocolate

Made with Squires Loft original chocolate fudge sauce



Champagne & Sparkling

Chandon Brut$11 | $48
NV | Yarra Valley | VIC

Foxeys Hangout Sparkling white$82
NV | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Veuve Clicquot Brut$124
NV | Champagne | FRANCE

Light & Sweet

Hesketh 'Art Series' Moscato$10 | $45
2019 | Norwood | SA


Cloak & Dagger Prosecco$10 | $45
NV | King Valley | SA


Pacha Mama Reisling$11 | $49
2018 | Niddrie | VIC

Mitchell Watervale Reisling$62
2019 | Clare Valley | SA

Pinot Grigio & Pinot Gris

Stumpy Gully Pinot Grigio$62
2017 | Moorooduc | VIC

Foxey's Hangout Pinot Gris
$12 | $52
2019 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Montalto Pinot Gris

NV | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Polperro Estate Pinot Gris$67
2019 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Point Leo Estate Pinot Gris$82
2019 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC 

Sauvignon Blanc

The Pass by Vavasour Sauc. Blanc$10 | $45
2019 | Marlborough | NZ

Stumpy Gullly Sauvignon Blanc$49
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC


Peninsula Panorama Chardonnay$49
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Shark Point Chardonnay$13 | $58
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Foxey's Hangout Chardonnay$72
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Trofeo Estate Amphora Chardonnay$62
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Dromana Estate Chardonnay$82
2013 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Montalto Estate Chardonnay$60
2019 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Point Leo Estate Chardonnay$16 | $80
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC


Montalto Pennon Hil Sparkling Rose$14 | $62
NV | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Even Keel Rose$9 | $42
NV | Mornington Peninsula | VIC




Pinot Noir

Red Claw Pinot Noir$72
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Foxey's Hangout 'Red Fox' Pinot Noir$11 | $49
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Trofeo Estate 'Amphora Chosen Few' Pinot Noir$68
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Foxey's Hangout 'Kentucky Road' Pinot Noir
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Yabby Lake Pinot Noir$112
2017 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Polperro Estate Pinot Noir$14 | $16
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Even Keel Pinot Noir$11 | $49
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Point Leo Pinot Noir$16 | $90
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Montalto Estate Pennon Hill Pinot Noir$49
NV | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Spanish & Italian Varieties

Crittenden Estate 'Los Hermanos' Tempranillo$56
2019 | King Valley | VIC

Stumpy Gully Sangiovese$13 | $58
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Montalto Tempranillo$49
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC


Foxey's Hangout Shiraz$72
2017 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Mornington Estate Shiraz$13 | $56
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Pepper Jack Shiraz$45
2018 | Barossa Valley | VIC

Heathcote Estate Shiraz$98
2014 | Heathcote | VIC

Point Leo Estate Shiraz$49
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Montalto Pennon Hill Shiraz$14 | $70
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Cabernet & Merlot

Stumpy Gully Merlot$59
2017 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Trofeo Estate 'Amphora' Cabernet Sauvignon$48
2017 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Pepper Tree Cabernet Sauvignon$70
2016 | Wrattonbully | VIC

Parker Connawarra Estate 'Terra Rossa' Cabernet Sauvignon$70
2017 | Coonawarra | SA

Dessert Wine

Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Topaque$15 | $62
2017 | Rutherglen | VIC

Beers & Ciders


On tap$5 | $8
Carlton Draught
Jetty Road Pale Ale
Great Northern
St Andrews Pilsner

By the bottle

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale$9
Carlton Dry$8
Pure Blonde$8
Miller Chill$8
Cascade Premium Light$8


By the bottle
Genuine Apple-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$9.90
Genuine Pear-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$9.90
Strawberry Lime-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$9.90
Mango Lime-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$9.90
Spiced Apple-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$9.90
Ginger-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$9.90

 Liqueurs & Fortifieds

Liqueurs (30ml)

Bailey's Irish Cream,   Ireland$8
Chambord,   France$10
Cointreau,   France$10
Drambuie,   Scotland$10
Fireball Canadian Whiskey,   Canada$12
Frangelico,   Italy$10
Kahlua,   Mexico$10
Malibu,   Barbados$8
Midori,   Mexico$8
Paraiso Lychee - for cocktail,   France$10
Schnapps Apple - De Kuyper,   Netherlands$10
Schnapps Butterscotch- De Kuyper,   Netherlands$10
Schnapps Peach- De Kuyper,   Netherlands$10
Sambuca Black,   Italy$10
Sambuca White,   Italy$10
Southern Comfort Louisiana Whiskey,   USA$10
Tia Maria,   Jamaica$10

Fortifieds (60ml)


Galway Pipe Port$10
Penfolds Grandfather Port$19



Spirits (30ml)

Beefeater (House),   England$10
Four Pillars,   Australia$12
Ink Dry Gin Husk,   Australia$10
South Coast Sublime,   Australia$14
Ounce Signature,   Australia$15
Roku,   Japan$14
Hendrick's,   Scotland$12

Ouzo 12 (House),   Greece$10
Pericles,   Greece$10

Jose Cuervo Reposado (House),   Mexico$10
El Jimador Reposado,   Mexico$12
Tequila Blu Repo sado,   Mexico$12
Patron XO Cafe,   Mexico$12
Patron Silver,   Mexico$15

Absolut (House),   Sweden$10
666 Original,   Australia$12
Alchemy Citrus,   Australia$12
42°Below,   New Zealand$10
Stolichnaya Elit,   Russia$12
Grey Goose,   France$12
Belvedere,   Poland$12
Ciroc,   France$12

Tentaka Organic Junmai,   Japan$12



Spirits (30ml)

Bundaberg (House),   Australia$8
Bacardi White Rum,   Cuba$10
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum,   Jamaica$10
Appleton Estate Signature Dark Rum,   Jamaica$10
Plantation Original Dark Rum,   Jamaica$10
Plantation 3 Stars White Rum,   Jamaica$10

Hoochery Moon White,   Australia$12
Hoochery Premium Ord River,   Australia$14

Whisky & Bourbon
Johnnie Walker Red Whisky (House),   Scotland$10
Johnnie Walker Black Blended Whisky ,  Scotland$12
Johnnie Walker Blue Blended Whisky,   Scotland$32
Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky,   Australia$18
Macallan 12y.o Single Malt Whisky,   Scotland$16
Glenfiddich 12y.o Single Malt Whisky,   Scotland$14
Chivas Regal 12y.o Blended Whisky,   Scotland$12
Glenmorangie l0y.o Single Malt Whisky,   Scotland$12
Lagavulin 16y.o Islay Single Malt Whisky,   Scotland$16
Nikko Blended Whisky,   Japan$16
Suntory World Blended Whisky,   Japan$12
Jameson Whiskey,   Ireland$12
The Whistler Irish Whiskey,   Ireland$10
Canadian Club Whisky (House),   Canada$10
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey (House),   USA$12
Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey,   USA$12
Jim Beam White Bourbon (House),   USA$10
Bib & Tucker Bourbon,   USA$18
Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon,   USA$12
Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon,   USA$12
Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon,   USA$10
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon,   USA$10

Brandy & Cognac
St Remy Brandy (House),   France$10
Hennessy X.O Cognac,   France$21
Hennessy V.S.O.P Cognac,   France$12



Long Island Ice Tea $24
Vodka I Gin I Tequila I White Rum I Curacao I
Lemon Juice I Sugar Syrup I Coke Top

Espresso Martini $20
Vodka I Mr Black I Frangelico I Espresso Shot

Blackberry Gin and Jam $20
Gin I Elderflower Liqueur I Blackberry Jam I Lemon Juice I Rosemary I Soda Water

Pisco Sour$20

Peruvian Pisco I Lemon I Egg White I Sugar Syrup

Amaretto Sour
Amaretto I Lemon Juice I Egg White I Maraschino I
Cherry to Garnish

Whiskey Sour$18

Makers Mark I Lemon Juice I Egg White

Passionfruit Martini$18

Vodka I Passionfruit I Egg White I Maraschino I Our Signature Vanilla Bean Syrup I Lime Juice

French Martini$18

Vodka I Chambord I Pineapple Juice

Summer Fling
Midori I Peach Schnapps I Triple Sec Liqueur I Pineapple Juice I Lemon Juice


Rum I Lime Juice I Mint I Our Signature Vanilla Bean Syrup I Soda Water

Dark and Storm

Caribbean Rum I Ginger Beer I Lime Juice I Fresh Mint$18

Charlie Chaplin$18

Slow Gin I Apricot Liqueur I Lime Juice

Champagne Cocktail$18

Brandy I Champagne I Angastora Bitters

Aperol Spritz
Aperol I Prosecco I Soda


White Rum I Lime Juice I Sugar Syrup

Vodka I Cointreau I Lime Juice I Cranberry Juice

Pina Colada
White Rum I Coconut Cream I Pineapple Juice$18


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